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the environment

     we're in the midst of a climate crisis. here's a summary of what we're doing in following areas:


·     student government is more than carbon neutral: we’re carbon negative. when we make any item of clothing, we pay to keep 250 kg of carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere. each item of clothing invests in a different project to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere – you can read about what project your clothing is supporting on the product page.


·     garments are made primarily with lyocell or recycled cotton, and GOTS-certified organic cotton when those materials aren’t available.

·     lyocell is made in a closed loop production process from wood pulp. the spinning process recycles over 99% of the water and solvent used.

·     garments are designed and made in Los Angeles. when sourcing fabric, we try to find it as close we can to LA, and then work our way outwards so as to cut down on the carbon emissions of transport


·     our packaging is made from 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials

·     the tape used to package your shipment is plastic-free, plant-based, and biodegradable
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